Some Poetry of Ken Haase

"Writers who read their work in public may have other nasty habits"

From The Notebooks of Lazarus Long, Robert A. Heinlein

For me, poetry is about looking at life with soul, heart, and mind together and then rendering that vision for the souls, hearts, and minds of others. Sadly, I find too little opportunity for such holistic regard in my life these days, so my recent poetry is often prompted by grief and honours grace, beauty and joy in retrospect. That said, here are some pieces which I hope you'll enjoy.

Geese reflects on the courage to face and initiate dramatic transitions

Creation was the frontspiece of my PhD thesis, about entropy and order)

Seabird is a memoriam for John Bodde, a beloved uncle and friend.

Present Emptiness tries to touch the experience through which absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Muriel is a memoriam for Muriel Cooper, a beloved colleague whose presence I greatly miss.

Anniversary is about celebrating an anniversary while apart. (My wife, Margaret, and I have spent nearly a third of our marriage commuting across hundreds or thousands of miles.)

Chorus in Care is a prayer for Howard Segars, who was dying of AIDS in Spring 1985.

Chorus in Memoriam is a memorial for Howard Segars, written after he had died in June 1985.

Inarticulate Joy is a love poem which is not as inarticulate as it claims to be!

My Last Poem for Diane is a memoriam for Diane Dustman, a friend killed in 1997 by an avalanche in Yellowstone.

Hidden Names explores the idea that our feelings are God's names for us.

The Singer is an old poem (from high school) inspired by a talented classmate who went on to become the brilliant and successful performer Tori Amos.

(Other, older poetry)